Aerial Lift Testing Set - Dielectric Testing Model C-1

Regular price $ 9,500.00

New, never used Model-C Aerial Lift Test Set. 100 kV test set with output current metering in the high voltage output lead for maintenance testing of aerial lifts.

Output Voltage: 0-100kV DC, negative polarity
Output Current: 5mA to 100kV continuous duty
Ripple: Less than 1% in normal use.
Input Voltage: 110V to 150V, 50-500 hertz, 4 amps for continuous current rating.
240 volt/120 volt available as option E
Kilovolt Meter: Dual-range 0-30kV, 0-100kV, ±2% of full scale accuracy

Dimensions: 25.5” (64.8cm) x 21.25” (54.0cm) x 10.5” (26.7cm), 54 lbs. (24.5kg)